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We specialize in offering customized portfolios  for investors like you that combine fundamental analysis and approaches to grow your wealth.

Best Investment Partner in Cleveland, Ohio

Klopp Investment Management LLC is a multi-generation family firm. Since 1973 we have been trusted by individuals, families, corporations, pensions and endowments because we are time- and market-tested through thick and thin, bull and bear markets alike. That experience coupled with integrity guides us in the volatile and complex financial markets of today.

Klopp Investment

Our Investment Philosophy

Exceptional fair value - that's what we seek in our search for suitable securities for your portfolio. It is simple in concept but complicated in execution.

Value securities are defined in many ways; that's why we look at price-earnings ratios, dividend yields, book value, cash flow, balance sheet and other elements. All these factors determine the dollar value of a stock's true worth. That is the value at which a company could be liquidated or sold in the real world.

Goals We Achieve

Investing success means the preservation of capital in real terms, so portfolio management for equity as well as balanced portfolios aims to achieve various goals.

  • Participate in rising markets.
  • Avoid loss of principal during down markets.
  • Outpace the market and inflation over a market cycle.
  • Assume less risk through "value" stock selection.

Our Services

  • Individually tailored.
  • Incorporate individual securities.
  • Tax-efficient.
  • Fee-based.
  • Diligent reviews.
  • IRA’s.
  • Roth IRA’s.
  • Personal and joint accounts.
  • 401 (k).
  • Trusts.